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Artificial faux materials generally tend to be worth less than the real ones, but faux fur calls for a renewed focus on its value from an animal welfare perspective. However the problem has to do with the fact that most faux fur is made from synthetic fibres derived from petroleum. This project started with field research into the production of faux fur, a material with such complex aspects.


The field research took place in the town of Koyaguchi, Japan, one of the world's largest faux fur producers. The production process of faux fur in Koyaguchi is said to involve about 70 steps and is filled with a lot of craftsmanship. Witnessing this craft makes you feel the pure and precious relationship with nature in human manufacturing.


 Inspired by the wide variety of colours, patterns and textures of real animal fur, humans have celebrated the beauty of nature through their reproduction. Such a valuable relationship with nature in human manufacturing should not become synonymous with a negative aspect of mass consumption.


 'Cryptid' is a new form of fur crafted with this in mind. Using the felting technique, the faux fur scraps discarded by manufacturers and sewing factories are assembled by hand, one by one, without sewing, but letting the furs intertwined.

Photography: Masayuki Hayashi






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