This book is a sequel to the ‘EVERYBODY NEEDS A ROCK’ project. While making the big collection of the self-made rocks, I felt the need to present and document my rocks in a book form: a book which is not merely a documentation of the project, but will start to take the form of a kind of new meneralogical encyclopedia. It depicts the self-made rocks with scientific accuracy, poetry and a sense of wonder. 

This publication was made possible by the generous support of Creative Industrie Fund NL

Graphic design: Akiko Wakabayashi

Art: Sae Honda

Text: Rutger Emmelkamp, Sae Honda

Proof reading: Marika Seo, Nao Amino, Judy Gibson

Translation: Futoshi Miyagi

Photography: Chizu Takakura

Publisher: torch press

Distribution: torch press, Idea books 

Language: English / Japanese

Format: 11 x 15 cm, 156 pages

ISBN: 978-4-907562

Edition: 500 copies




© 2016 saehonda. All rights reserved.

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