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Future Primitive 


As a sequel to the EVERYBODY NEEDS A ROCK project, Sae connects on her workbench the artisanal jeweller culture with a distant future. In designing her pieces she strives for a similar amalgam: her self-produced rocks are placed in jewellery pieces that play with classic archetypes, embellished with animal portraits which touch on the tradition of the talisman. The plastic rocks and aluminium ornaments assembled in the jewellery reflects fictional stories in the remote future, where an unknown organism have entirely different sense of value than the one in our present culture.

「EVERYBODY NEEDS A ROCK」プロジェクトの人工石を使ったジュエリーシリーズ。既存の古典的な装身具やアミュレットなどのデザインを再解釈・編集した動物モチーフが組み込まれています。プラスチックの人工石とアルミニウムのオーナメントで構成されるこのジュエリーたちは、現代の文化とは全く異なる価値体系をもったフィクショナルな世界の物語を反映しています。







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